Facilitate diagnostics and treatment using Artificial Intelligence.

With the help of machine learning and large data analysis, an improved ability to diagnose, monitor and treat patients with neurological diseases is provided.”


Objectively quantify brain white matter abnormalities in your patients. Win time, boost accuracy, improve patient care.

Confidently evaluate brain structural changes with the highest accuracy. Increase sensitivity, augment detection, improve patient care.

icobrain ms

For applications like traumatic brain injury

icobrain dm

For applications like traumatic brain injury

icobrain tbi

For applications like traumatic brain injury.

About us

Nordic Medtech provides cutting-edge technology solutions for healthcare in the form of Artificial Intelligence aimed at neurological diseases.
With many years of experience in medical technology both as a user and supplier, we are passionate about giving the healthcare the best solutions to ensure optimum care.
Our partners are well reputed and recognized in the world market. Together with Nordic Medtech’s knowledge and experience, this ensures good conditions for creating better care.

What Icometrix customers say

Dr. Max Wintermark

”Like icobrain, brain biomarker measurements need to be extremely reproducible and sensitive enough to detect relevant clinical changes.”

Professor of Radiology and Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center, USA

Dr. Vitazoslav Belan

“icobrain provides reliable MRI analysis allowing me to instantly track the disease progression of our patients with a neurological disorder.”

Head Doctor at Dr. Magnet Kramare, Pro Diagnostic Group, Slovakia

Dr. Shilpa Sankhe

“We use icobrain for quantifying lesions on our routine MRIs. In this work, the analysis of icometrix serves as an unbiased second-opinion.”

Neuroradiologist at Picture This by Jankharia Imaging Center, India


Nordic Medtech AB is a local representative of Icometrix’s product portfolio in the Nordic and Baltic countries.



Nordic Medtech at ECR 2020

Nordic Medtech participates at ECR 2020 in Vienna, March 11-14.We will showcase the latest progress in AI for diagnostic imaging within neurology and thorax.Visit us and our partners in Expo Hall X1, booth AI-05/06.

Press Release – Today, Nordic Medtech AB and icometrix announce a strategic partnership

Today, Nordic Medtech AB and icometrix announce a strategic partnership, with the goal to further standardize and improve the care of patients with neurological disorders in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Determining the right diagnosis and treatment for patients with neurological disorders is a great challenge in the healthcare sector. This, together with the availability and…


Nordic Medtech participates in ESNR Annual Meeting

Nordic Medtech participates in 42nd ESNR Annual Meeting, 26th advanced course in diagnostic neuroradiology and 11th advanced course in interventional neuroradiology in Oslo 19 September – 22 September.


Nordic Medtech participates in Ectrims Congress

Nordic Medtech participates in 35th congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis and 24th Annual Conference of Rehabilitation in MS in Stockholm 11 September – 13 September.


Nordic Medtech participates in EAN

Nordic Medtech participates in the 5th congress of the European Academy of Neurology (ean congress) i Oslo 29 juni – 2 juli.