MENY Stäng


Brain diagnostics

icobrain ms

Objectively track disease progression in individual multiple sclerosis patients.

icobrain dm

Objectively quantify relevant brain structures in individual dementia patients.

icobrain tbi

Towards standardized and quantified interpretation of brain scans for traumatic brain injuries

icobrain ep

Towards a more confident diagnosis of patients with epilepsy


qER is a triage and notification tool that prioritizes head CT scans with critical abnormalities such as a bleed, fracture, mass effect or midline shift on the radiology worklist for priority review.


icompanion is a medical product and app that allows remote monitoring of people with multiple sclerosis to learn more about their health and medication in their daily lives.

Chest diagnostic

Veye Chest

Help radiologists improve quantification and reporting on lung nodules


qXR can detect abnormal findings on a chest X-ray. It can be used to separate normal from abnormal X-rays, for pre-read assistance, or as a radiology audit tool. qXR includes patented algorithms that can detect a total of 29 findings on the chest X-ray.



Quantitative COVID-19 analysis of non-contrast thorax CT scans


COVID-19 progression monitoring tool.